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Stylish, Affordable & Eco-friendly

Would you like a stylish, affordable and more eco-friendly home? Then talk to us today.


Retrofitting current properties can be a challenge. It’s often easier to build eco homes from scratch. With eco new builds, we can give you a full design and build package.

  • Minimise your carbon emissions
  • Cut your heating and fuel builds
  • Enjoy a home that’s warm in winter and cool in summer

We’ll do this by using:

  • Double and triple glazing
  • Energy efficient heating and water systems
  • High-quality insulation
  • The latest eco-aware technology
  • High-performance materials and processes

We’ll use passive principles, and eco-friendly materials and methods (where possible).

Of course, we don’t just do new eco builds. We can also help make existing homes more eco-friendly. Where we can, we’ll use:

  • Passive principles
  • Eco-friendly materials and methods

Professional and Sustainable

In 2020 one of our new builds featured in the Eco Issue of ‘Modern Home’ magazine. With elements ranging from solar panels, a rain water harvesting system,  and uprated insulation to MVHR, sustainability was at the forefront of this unique build.

You can see photos and more details about this project here.

Leave Everything to Us

At Brindley James we use the latest methods, materials and techniques to offer you a building service that not only is up to date with building standards, but offers you an eco-friendly way of living.

If you would like to seek advice on how you can restore your home to make it more environmentally friendly, then contact us today.