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Building, Repairing & Renovating Homes

We’re proud to build, repair and renovate properties across Dorset and Devon. Choose us, and you’ll work with expert tradesmen and we will take care of every stage of your building project. We can offer assistance with any initial planning from your first point of contact with us and we are always at hand to discuss new ideas throughout the building process. This can range from offering original suggestions, advice and recommendations on the project and all its elements, to creating bespoke pieces of furniture during a new build.

We strongly believe that honesty, trust and communication is key in any building project, so we will work closely alongside you and external agencies, such as architects and structural engineers, to plan and build your dream home. We will continuously balance your vision with any budgeting needs and building regulations and requirements.

Pride & Hard Work

Brindley James is a modern building firm. We use the latest methods, materials and techniques yet at the same time, you’ll enjoy old-fashioned customer service.

James and Brindley met whilst working on separate projects in 2007 and realised that they shared a similar vision for how a building company should deliver quality and standard of service to customers, and thus formed ‘BrindleyJames’.

Business partner James Brent brings to the company many years of building expertise, having worked in the trade since the early 1990’s, and prior to that having a background in engineering. His ethos is a focus on perfection and an eye for detail, to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with the craftsmanship delivered to the build.

Brindley Pullin explains our approach:

“My dad used to be a builder. So you could say that being a tradesman runs in the family. Dad taught me a lot of important things. He taught me to take pride in my work, and never to cut corners. I learnt the importance of planning, budgeting and sticking to a schedule.

“Most of all, he taught me about excellent customer service. Still to this day, we prioritise communication and diligent attention to detail above all else. This always helps to ensure a smooth and efficient project from start through to completion.”

At Brindley James we have a team of qualified and professional builders, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians, who all work and communicate well together to achieve the high standards we hold as a company. We pride ourselves in the hard work and effort we invest in each project, and we will ensure that these high standards are continued from the start to the finish of any building and construction work we do.

Brindley James were extremely professional, communicated with us regularly, and thorough in everything they did. During the project Brindley James came up with a number of improvements to the architect’s original plans. We are delighted with all of the work that has been done. The house is transformed and we know that all of the work has been completed to the highest standard.

Nick & Linda (Bridport)

When it comes to building your own home from scratch in a new part of the country, or on your own doorstep, there are some very important intrinsic ingredients and at the top of that list are builders who listen, communicate and have a great work ethic. They need to be trustworthy not just with finance and sticking to schedules, but with the introduction of other trades and key suppliers. Brindley James absolutely fit this bill.

In addition, their attention to detail, continually double checking and taking pride in what they do has meant that this whole rather challenging build was not only an amazing experience but has provided us with a wonderful home for a long term future.

Victoria & Edward (Bridport)

We would highly recommend Brindley James. They were well organised, very easy to work with and communicative which is very important. They spent a lot of time discussing the job with us before and during the project. When new situations arose they always came up with good solutions.

Zara (Puncknowle)