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“I was looking for a building contractor who I felt I could work with and trust and who would guide and inform me along the way. When I first met Brindley and James their passion for preparation, quality and detail convinced me that they were the right people for the job and I was never disappointed.

BrindleyJames took me on a journey and it is thanks to them, their guidance and expertise, that I have ended up with the beautiful home I now have. Their team are all skilled craftsmen with the highest of standards, no detail or problem was too much trouble and excellent solutions were always found whenever a problem arose.

I could go on, but what I really would like to stress is that it was a pleasure to work with Brindley and James and their team. I have no regrets, they exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a high quality build.”

Janet (Bridport)

“From our initial concept discussions, through the planning process, specification requirements and then the build itself, we have had complete confidence in BrindleyJames project management and the work quality of sub contractors. 

Of particular note, is that despite the unprecedented challenges presented by the introduction of the first COVID-19 lockdown in the very early stages of construction, the work continued and the build was carried out in accordance with all safety requirements.

We are absolutely thrilled with the end result, which has exceeded our expectations, and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending BrindleyJames to a prospective client.”

Andy & Caroline (Bridport)

“When it comes to building your own home from scratch in a new part of the country, or on your own doorstep, there are some very important intrinsic ingredients and at the top of that list are builders who listen, communicate and have a great work ethic. They need to be trustworthy not just with finance and sticking to schedules, but with the introduction of other trades and key suppliers. Brindley James absolutely fit this bill. 

In addition, their attention to detail, continually double checking and taking pride in what they do has meant that this whole rather challenging build was not only an amazing experience but has provided us with a wonderful home for a long term future.”

Victoria & Edward (Bridport)

“We had a recommendation to consider engaging Brindley James as the main building contractor on our new house build project in 2015. From the first initial meeting with Brindley we were immediately impressed with the positive way the discussions started and the enthusiasm shown to potentially be involved in the project.  It was clearly evident that Brindley, and James (business partner) were highly motivated builders who took great satisfaction from their profession, and pride in their work.

Working in a creative industry for over 20 years I think it’s fair to say that I have a reputation for being “rather particular” in my approach to visual aesthetics, logistics and how I think things should be done. Having designed the house myself I was always going to be very involved in every aspect of the build and it was therefore essential that the building contractor we engaged was aware of this from the start and prepared to work in this collaborative way. We had a number of further meetings to go through the budget and costings in great detail, we also worked closely to produce a realistic, measurable, and achievable build schedule. The thorough, methodical approach as well as the positive, open and professional attitude displayed at these meetings gave us complete confidence in appointing Brindley James as the main contractor.

Once our planning permission finally came through the build started straight away and continued smoothly until we moved in nine months later on the date agreed. The team worked meticulously from day one and there was always at least one trade on site every day throughout. The standard of workmanship was extremely high and so to was the logistical efficiency – materials and resources arrived when required ensuring continuous progress. Even with the best of planning unforeseen circumstances will arise, but on the few occasions they did (and I’m struggling to remember what they were) Brindley would inform me straight away to discuss the options/solutions. Every aspect of the build was executed and completed in the best way, even if that wasn’t the easiest way, to produce the professional standard of work expected by us the client, as well as Brindley James the company. Good communication is essential for the efficiency of any project and the communication between Brindley James and ourselves was excellent.

The project was completed on time and on budget with fantastic results and working with Brindley and James, and their team, was both pleasurable and effortless. I can only speak from our one off personal experience but I’m not sure we could have found any better builders. Therefore, as long as you have given proper thought to your particular project and your expectations are realistic, then I would thoroughly recommend Brindley James.”

Alastair (Cerne Abbas)

“Brindley James did major renovation work on our old stone farmhouse and barn; they worked here for several months, pulling down walls, putting in new window openings and new windows, moving the staircase, repointing the stonework, insulating the building from the inside; laying new floors, renovating an outbuilding etc. They organised good plumbers and electricians and helped us work out where to put everything.

We would highly recommend Brindley James, they were well organised, very easy to work with and communicative which is very important. They spent a lot of time discussing the job with us before and during the project. When new situations arose they always came up with good solutions. I am a fussy graphic designer and they were patient with my changes of plan.

Overall I definitely felt we choose the right company.”

Zara (Puncknowle)

“We engaged Brindley James to carry out major building work at our house in Dorset. This included removing several supporting walls, inserting steels and completely re-designing the ground floor of the house. We chose Brindley James because they came up with the most comprehensive quote and work plan as well as being the only builder we spoke to who noticed a major flaw in the engineering plans.

This was a significant project and throughout the work, Brindley James were extremely professional, communicated with us regularly, and thorough in everything they did. During the project Brindley James came up with a number of improvements to the architect’s original plans. We are delighted with all of the work that has been done.

The house is transformed and we know that all of the work has been completed to the highest standard.”

Nick & Linda (Bridport)